Talking Shop on Digital Marketing Radio

First time here or an old friend? Regardless, thanks for stopping by. Get useful info by subscribing for free to my posts. Thank you for visiting!A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking … Read more →

Script Treatments: Final Pitch and Level 7

I’ve been working on a few short film ideas. After pitching them to a few folks, I narrowed down to the top two and wrote treatments. Let me know if you think one of them … Read more →

The Art of Repositioning

Few things in the world of marketing are tougher to concept¬†and successfully execute than repositioning a brand or product. The strategic graveyard is lined with the tombstones of well-intentioned repositioning gone wrong (cough – Club … Read more →

The Story Arc of Ideas

Depending on who you ask, ideas tend to range in value of being worth zilch to being worth billions. Some would say WhatsApp is a billion dollar idea, while Bic Underwear not so much. Ideas … Read more →

How To Get Out of A Slump

Have you ever found yourself in a slump? It’s a horrible feeling. You feel as if you’re at the bottom of a pit, and the pit is full of quick sand, and that pop song … Read more →

3 Step Marketing Field Guide

The goal of any field guide is to lead you in a desired direction. In the late 1800’s the most popular field guides helped people identify plants and animals while hiking or living in the … Read more →

By Doing

In the last year I’ve seen dozens, if not hundreds, of courses offering to teach you anything from axe making, to developing in JavaScript, to self-publishing and countless others. The ability to learn almost anything … Read more →