Hello, new friends. I’m David Horne.

Here’s what I’m doing now:

Notes from the Field is a bi-weekly newsletter about what I’m learning, the creative process, product development and collaboration. You should sign up if you dig that sort of thing!

Make Good Work Great is a workshop my colleague Elliot Strunk and I developed to help people learn how to collaborate better to do their best work.

What’s In Season makes beautiful and useful charts and graphics showing what things are in season so you can keep it fresh. Our first product is a North Carolina Seafood Availability Poster

Hired gun for brands and 6th man for agencies working on Marketing and Content Strategy, Copywriting, Information Architecture (IA), User Experience (UX) and Project Management.

I’d love to hear about what you’re working on. Feel free to Email me if you want to chat.


Thanks to Derek for the inspiration behind this page.