The Reflection Summary

This summer I launched the first cohort of the Honestly Apprenticeship. More details to come but so far it’s been great. In addition to regular projects the apprentices have to complete, I ask them to write a weekly reflection summary. The reason we call it a “reflection summary” (hat tip Seth Godin for the moniker)… Read more The Reflection Summary

Collaborative Bake Off

Thought I’d share with you a process we use to develop creative concepts for clients. As a collaboration exercise, it’s one of my favorites because it includes individual focused work in addition to group work. I’ve found this combo (of group work and individual work) produces better creative. Most of the projects include two directions from which… Read more Collaborative Bake Off

The 1% Plan

If you’ve hung around here much, you probably know my relationship with golf is a passionate one. It was my first profession and one I still think about from time to time. Even though I’m out of the game for the most part, I still stay in touch with my golf coach and take a few lessons… Read more The 1% Plan