The Power Of Recognition

There are few things that will inspire, motivate, and bring out the best in others more than recognition. It is powerful. Recently, the awesome folks at Citrix Online sent me, and the other authors at, a huge token of appreciation for contributing to their site. They even personalized it with a handwritten note. This is obviously an organization that understands the power of recognition.

Here are the three essential guidelines that Citrix nailed:

1. Be Specific- It is best to be as specific as possible when recognizing someone. Instead of saying “Great work”, tell them “Great work on delivering the presentation.”

2. Be Timely- Recognition is a dish best served warm and right out of the oven. Don’t wait until end of  the year reviews. Give your team props in real-time.

3. Be Sincere- Flattery is received as well as a politician’s promises. Genuine appreciation is what gives recognition its value.

If you hit on these three pillars, your recognition will empower your employees, peers, and teams. Most people can live for days on a simple thank you, mention on twitter, or blog reply.

People will cross oceans and battle giants for you when they feel appreciated and know you care.

Thanks again to Justin Levy, David Baeza, and the rest of the teams at Citrix and Workshifting.

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  • david horne

    Thanks Toby. I appreciate you stopping by and you are right. From the heart is the place recognition should come from. 

  • tobybarazzuol

    Recognition is best when it’s simple and from the heart.  This post nicely simplifies three key elements of recognition…nicely done!

  • Rodney Brim

    Saw your post on recognition. You condensed 3 good tips to giving recognition into a nice easy-to-remember format. Got me thinking about what does and doesn’t cue us to provide recognition. I wrote up your blog in the blog I published at

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  • david horne

    You are welcome and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a great group of people and cool project.

  • David Baeza

    We are lucky to have you and the other bloggers contributing such meaningful content to the workshifting community. Thanks for your very kind words.

    All the best,