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Second Biggest News of 1.11.11? Back To Innocent E.P.

back to innocent album artToday is 1.11.11. The number one story is probably the iPhone coming to Verizon. The second biggest news is the release of Rob Blackwell’s Back to Innocent E.P.

Rob is a good friend from my hometown as well as a West Hall Media client. My wife sang on the record, and my mom created the cover art. Our families spent hours working on this project. Who I am most proud of is Rob and his wife Shannon. In the midst of releasing this project they gave birth to their daughter and are expecting their first son. It will be a great year for them.

Rob started writing the songs for the Back to Innocent E.P. over six years ago. Every month he moved a little closer to putting the lyrics and melody together the way he had dreamed it. This E.P. is different than the others. It is more personal and mature. It tells the story of love, pain, and hope.

You see, this is the first record he has put out in five years. Rob took a step back from pursuing his music career to lay the right foundation for his home. While many of his former band’s members went on to industry success, Rob held steady to the girl of his dreams. He knew his time would come.

I hope that time is now. I am proud that we could be a part of this. I hope you will too.

If you are interested, you can check out Back to Innocent at